Lehtirova wind park, Norrbotten, Sweden

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Peikko Group delivers gravity foundation technology to Lehtirova wind park in Norrbotten county in northern Sweden. The deliveries consist of the MODIX®Center Anchor, MODIX® Rebar Splicings and PSB® Shear Reinforcement as well as all other standard rebar components of the foundation. Peikko is also responsible for the foundation design and structural calculations. 

The construction project will be executed as an EPC project by OX2, a company specializing in developing, building, financing, and managing renewable energy plants in the Nordic countries. Empower PN Oy is one of the contractors for the Lehtirova wind park and responsible for the foundation construction. Vestas will deliver to Lehtirova 41 turbines of type V126-3.6MW with hub heights of 121 meters. The annual electricity production of the wind park is estimated to be 490 GWh. 

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Jukka Nykänen, Project Manager
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