Jouttikallio Wind Park, Lapua, Finland

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Jouttikallio wind park consists of 6 Vestas V126 turbines and Peikko delivered foundations for all 6 turbines as a turn-key delivery including design, manufacturing, components, installation and concreting.


Jouttikallio wind park is located in Lapua municipality, South Ostrobothnia, Finland and OX2 is responsible for technical and commercial administration of the wind park. Total of 6 windturbines produce power of 21 MW and yearly amount can reach up to 63 GWh. Hypothetically such amount would cover almost half of the yearly electricity consumption of Lapua municipality. The total hub height of the turbines is 210m and consists of 147m high towers and rotors that have total diameter of 126m. Diameter of one foundation is 25m and a total of 760m³ of concrete and 28,5tons of steel were used for the foundations that were handed over during May 2016.

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Jukka Nykänen, Project Manager
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